Georgia clowns bring laughter to Japanese

Seven-months after the tsunami hit Northeastern Japan, trauma counselors suggested it was time for "heart medicine" (laughter and joy). A Southern Baptist volunteer clown troupe responded to the call and took their act on the road. They visited community centers, schools, nursing homes and housing projects where the displaced live.

One-child generation wants better parenting

For most in China, good parenting is measured by what school your child attends. But a new generation of parents wants more than just academic success. The original one-child-policy kids (born in the ’80s and ’90s) want their children to experience things they never learned. Gil and Susan Ridgeways teach parenting classes that focus on Biblical ways of teaching character, ethics and morals while getting to the heart of the family.

A bloody tribal clash erupted in 2008 after results were announced in Kenya's election. The 10-week span of violence resulted in an ethnic cleansing that burned thousands of homes and forced more than 600,000 people to flee and seek safety/shelter in internally displaced camps. 

600,000 displaced during post-election violence
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