Prodigal son returns

Mwangi nervously looked out the car window. The terrain became more familiar the closer he got to his home village in Kenya. He wasn’t sure if his family would welcome him back or not. But, he was willing to suffer the consequences.

Two years ago, Mwangi ran away from home. A friend convinced him they should hitch a ride to Nairobi and experience “city life.”

At first, it was a fun adventure. They slept on the ground or street, using cardboard as a blanket. They walked around downtown, wherever they wanted. No one told them what to do.

Then they got hungry, and the adventure went bad. They begged or stole to get money for food and showers. Some older boys taught them to sniff glue. It helped ease the hunger pains, but made them act like zombies. Soon, all of the money they could steal went for getting high on glue. So, they sifted through the trash searching for food scraps.

Mwangi heard he could get free milk and bread on one street corner. He went and liked it immediately. They told Bible stories. The stories reminded him of his family. Mwangi told the missionary he wanted to go home.

As the car pulled up to Mwangi’s village, a woman walked out holding a Bible. When she saw who was in the car, she raised her arms and screamed in celebration. Mwangi’s Mom rushed to the car to welcome her lost son.

For two years, Mwangi’s mother prayed for her son to return safely. Mwangi was embarrassed of his life as a street kid, but no one seemed to mind. They roasted the fattest goat and celebrated in his honor!