God can even use me

The waiter and hotel security guard walked to my breakfast table with serious looks. I smiled, trying to diffuse anything that I might have inadvertently done in their South Asian country. I was here to write a story and didn’t want to cause problems.

The guard urged the English-speaking waiter to confront me. The waiter fidgeted and finally asked, “Why are you so kind to us?”

I stared at them blankly. That’s definitely not the question I expected. I recovered and explained that as a Christian I try to follow Jesus’ example of loving my neighbors.

“I’ve heard that name once,” the waiter said, plopping down next to me. “Tell us about Him.”

I’m not a trained evangelist. I’m just a simple missionary journalist on assignment, but that day, God used me to welcome these two into His Kingdom.

God uses all kinds of professions and people — not just pastors and evangelists — to share His Word around the world. How will He use you today?