11 year old issues 'Challenge 32' to support missions

It didn't seem like much ... just the money from her piggy bank but it started a challenge ...


Christ. Kids. Camping

Laughter and squeals echo from the arena. Rodeo Bible Camp teaches more than the average church camp: Roping, discipleship, riding bulls and so much more.


Christmas at a rural Kansas barn

The setting was simple—a barn, some bales of hay and a few animals — much like the story thousands of years ago when Jesus Christ was born.

Prenatal classes catalyst for new churches

If someone had told Nancy Potter* years ago that churches in Southeast Asia would start as a result of pregnant women learning to be healthy, she might have scoffed. 

Nepal church sings again

One week after 7.8-magnitude earthquake, church picks up service right where they left off.

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11 missionary jobs that you won’t believe

Most missionaries are NOT preachers. For instance, I’m a journalist. If you think that's “outside the box,” then you should see what today’s IMB missionaries do.

Long trek over

It's been a rough year. Nduri Isandap and her six children fended for themselves during one of the worst droughts in Kenya's history. 

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tsunami survivors

The piles of debris were gone. The cars deposited on top of apartment buildings and ships stranded on streets by the March 11, 2011 tsunami have been carted off for recycling. The "smell of death" has been replaced with the fragrance of fresh cut pine and construction.

Famished families walk for days

The father-daughter duo stumbled into the camp after a walk through the dried-up African bush. They hoped to find relief from the worst famine to hit the Horn of Africa in 60 years.

Refugee reunites with family as new man

Rajeevan's crime was fleeing a country during a brutal civil war and seeking asylum in Thailand, a country where he is considered illegal. Thai officials threw his entire family in detention. 

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13 things mission-minded people do differently

Mission-minded people are different. That’s it. Somehow they see the world from another perspective. The things they do are different from what other people usually do.

Forgotten village receives food

For days, the villagers took turns sitting by the road trying to get help. Hope died -- until two vehicles backed down a rocky path and unloaded more than 40 bags of rice.

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Child screams in Kenyan shack

Screams echo as people were pulled from their homes and savagely beaten. In chaos like this, it's difficult to differentiate one scream from another -- but I heard one and followed it. 

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Tsunami survivor struggles to find peace

Shukuko Sasaki survived Japan's tsunami but her husband and the majority of the fishing village did not. One year later, she's looking for comfort from the nightmares. 

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releasing sin

I'm surrounded by thousands of glowing jellyfish suspended in a black ocean. I reached out and touched one - really a glowing paper lantern. It's easy to get swept up in the magic, forgetting the real meaning - releasing sin - behind this festival called Yee Peng.

Kenyan children pray for peace

"Father, our country is in trouble. We pray for peace to come," an 11-year-old boy prays. "Protect us, Father. Teach people to love one another and not to fight anymore."

Leper prays as Nepal earthquake rumbles

Miriam awoke from her Saturday nap on April 25 with a start. Since she was up, the elderly woman decided to start her daily noon prayer time 15 minutes early.

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AIDS epidemic leaves elderly to raise children

The contrast between youth and the elderly is drastic in this country. An entire middle generation is missing, creating the huge gap. HIV/AIDS wreaks its havoc in South Africa.

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