11-year-old issues 'Challenge 32' to support missions

It didn't seem like much -- just $32.20 -- but it was all this 11-year-old had. The small stash represented six months of household chores and errands, not to mention the self-discipline needed to save instead of spending it on treats. She counted it out and asked her parents to give it to the IMB. It might make a dent in the $4 million shortfall for international missions.

Hong Kong church stands firm

Months of unrest and protests have transformed Hong Kong from a hub of global finance to an unpredictable place of upheaval. Butch Tanner, pastor of Kowloon International Baptist Church (KIBC), sees the wear and tear from the last six months in the faces of his congregation ...

Maasai in Tanzania touched by Kansas teens' testimonies

The Kansas youth wiped away tears and looked out over the church congregation. Men wrapped in red blankets leaned forward on the roughly hewn boards that served as pews, listening intently to the teenager. Women adorned with bright jewelry nodded their heads and encouraged them to continue talking. It wasn't the "normal" kind of church service that the rising college freshmen were used to attending back in Kansas. This church was more than 8,000 miles from home in the bush of Tanzania. The service lasted four hours and included a lot of joyful dancing. This mission trip was anything but normal for the young Americans and Tanzanians alike.

Rodeo Bible camp: 'Christ, kids & cowboying'

Laughter and squeals abound as water balloons fly through the air. Boys run after girls, trying to drench them. Older teens slink off to the corner, feigning that they're too cool until a counselor is in range and they let the water fly. The traditional water balloon fight of summer camp comes to an end with a not-so-traditional announcement: "Time to muck out the stalls and feed the horses."


At a rural Kansas barn, they hear the Christmas story

The setting was simple -- a barn, some bales of hay and a few animals -- much like the story that hundreds in rural Kansas gathered to hear: Jesus was born to be your Savior. Steve Taylor opened his Bible and read the story of Jesus' birth. 

Factory or horseback, pastor thrives

There's a shortage of full-time pastors in Kansas-Nebraska. Don Mayberry thinks the solution is bivocational pastors. He works two jobs - factory and church - and the cowboy church is thriving.